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of Nicotine, cannabis, alcohol

iron deficiency


painful damage to the mucous membrane in the mouth

Arterial calcification, protection of the vascular walls, endothelial protection, circulatory disorders

diagnosed during early childhood / high doses of nutrients for children as well

The immune system is targeting the body's own structures (e.g. certain cells or tissues).

High Blood pressure

If after antibiotics treatment there are still borreliferous bacteria in the blood

concussion; postconcussion syndrome; traumatic brain injury.

inflammation of the mucous membrane in the bronchi

Heel spur or plantar aponeurosis

Cancer needs to be treated ALWAYS by experts! Here, suggestions only are given.

Tighter skin, shallower wrinkles

Mostly eye infections

Bowel sluggishness

In case of a serious or severe progression: seek medical advice in due time!

In case of a serious or severe progression: seek medical advice in due time!

Genetic metabolic disorder; due to a defective gene, the water and salt balance of the mucous membranes is disturbed.

no real warts; widespread, harmless viral infection of the skin

Alzheimer's Disease, Brain deterioration, Memory loss

viral disease; spread by infected mosquitoes

Lip herpes, Herpes labialis

generalized soft tissue rheumatism


Broken bone

Athlete's foot, nail fungus, skin fungus

Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums (gingiva), usually caused by bacteria.

Angina pectoris/coronary heart disease, stent after bypass surgery, cardiac arrhythmia, heart insufficiency

Flu and other Viral sicknesses

also: glandular fever

Acceleration of healing

Antibiotics damage the microbiome (intestinal flora). A good recovery is important.

Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, diverticulitis, abdominal pain, flatulence, diarrhoea

Natural Viagra

Liver damage or Liver problems

Old people, Anorexics, Cancer sufferers

Menopause, change of life

Menopausal complaints

pain; premenstrual syndrome

with associated sensitivity to light, dizziness, nausea

Nessel fever (Urticaria) is an allergic, non-infectious skin reaction

Nerve pain


infection of the middle ear

weight reduction, slimming

Chronic Pain, Nerve Pain

An inflammatory disease (caused by bacteria) of the periodontal apparatus

important vital substances (selection) for good coverage

Improving the prostatic function

An autoimmune disease; these are all related to the intestine.

Pain of the musculoskeletal system

Skin disease; predominantly in the area of the midface

Mild Schizophrenia

viraus combating & pain relief; treatment vesicles

Pimples, skin impurities


Pain suffered after a Sports Injury

Gastric inflammation, Gastritis, Gastric Ulcer, Reflu

Apoplexy, cerebral haemorrhage, cerebral infarction

faster recovery after surgery


usually benign skin growths; caused by viruses

Accelerated wound healing

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Illnesses : Hay Fever; Hemorrhoids; Infections, bacterial; Infectious mononucleosis (IM, mono)

Skin, Sports Injury, Stroke, Swollen Legs

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