Prevention is the art of scratching before the itch starts.

The saying 'prevention is better than cure' is well-known, but our human nature finds this concept dull and boring. We'll worry about these things when we are older, but for now we just want to enjoy life.


How do I prevent?

Prevention is relatively easy: move more, choose fruit instead of chocolate, an apple juice rather than a fizzy drink. These choices are hardly over-whelming or going to rob us of our quality of life. Making healthy choices should start from childhood to prevent children suffering poor performance in sport and school due to poor diet.


Prevention of diseases

A third of the population in Switzerland will develop cancer, a third cardiovascular disease. Your chances of escaping this fate are low. Those who are concerned with prevention improve their chances by 50-70%.

A third of all retirement home residents suffer from Alzheimer's. This disease, however, slowly develops over 30 years. It therefore makes sense to start preventative measures at the age of 30 to 40.

The list of diseases which are avoidable is a long one.