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Treatment of Acid Reflux

Treatment of Acid Reflux

Reflux - regurgitation of stomach acid into the oesophagus

The word reflux means the flowing back of a liquid. In medical terms this means the flowing back of the stomach acid into the oesophagus (gastroesophageal reflux). Another form of reflux is from the bladder back into the urethra.

The cause of reflux is a weakening of the muscle which seperates the stomach and the oesophagus. Highly acidic gastric contents then flow back into the lower third of the oesophagus where a chronic and painful inflammation occurs over a period of time.

What are the signs of reflux?

The typical symptoms are burning pain behind the sternum, often at night, and acid regurgitation.  A gastroscopy needs to be carried out to confirm the diagnosis. Other warning signs are pain when swallowing and weightloss.

The clinical treatment

The clinical treatment is based solely on prescription medication known as proton pump inhibitors which significantly reduce gastric acidity. The most commonly prescribed medication is Pantoprazol which is very effective, but must be taken over a long period of time. Side effects are indicated in the package insert of the corresponding medication. It is also recommended to avoid smoking, alcohol, coffee and spicy foods.

The natural treatment of acid reflux with Cayenne

The natural remedy is in direct contrast to the medical remedy which suggests avoiding spices.  Cayenne pepper significantly enhances the protective mucous layer in the stomach thereby protecting it from the acid.  Since it is not easy to eat cayenne pepper, it is available in capsules (Caya Vida) which dissolve in the stomach. Starting with one capsule taken with the main meal, the dose should be gradually increased if there is no discomfort. In my experience, cayenne pepper capsules are far more effective than Pantoprazol  and have the added benefit of burning fat since they increase the metabolism.

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Ulcers - painful blisters in the mouth

Ulcers -  painful blisters in the mouth

Ulcers - painful blisters in the mouth and throat

Ulcers are not the same as fever blisters. Their cause is unknown, but they are also a herpes simplex virus. They are extremely painful and affect the mucous membranes in the mouth and the tongue. In addition to small indentations, there are also yellowish deposits.

What causes mouth ulcers?

There appears to be a link between mouth ulcers and a deficiency in vitamin B12, iron and folic acid. In certain cases, ulcers also occur as a result of an allergy to citrus fruit, nuts, etc. In these cases, the ulcers appear in the pharynx, or throat, within 24 hours.

How can mouth ulcers be treated?

As with fever blisters, mouth ulcers usually disappear by themselves after 7-10 days, although sufferers wish it was quicker! There are various medications and applications which relieve the symptoms slightly and ease the pain, but don't speed up the healing process.

Speeding up the healing process

Treating the mouth ulcers with a combination of Artemisia Creme and artemesia powder (artemesia annua is available in capsule form) is definitely worth a try. This treatment is especially effective if the ulcers are not due to an allergy.

Where do I buy Artemisia annua and how do I apply it?

I will gladly provide more detailed information on the natural treatment of mouth ulcers with artemesia free of charge by mail.

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Herpes simplex Infection (Cold sores)

Herpes simplex Infection (Cold sores)

We are all familiar with the small but painful blisters in the mouth or on the lips. Approximately 90% of the population carry the herpes simplex virus so the blisters can appear regularly.  10-30% of carriers of the infection suffer from recurring outbreaks.

How is it contracted?

It is usually contracted in childhood and persists for many years. As a rule, Type 1 (herpes labialis) causes infections of the oral mucosa, tongue and lips, wheres Type 2 affects the genital organs (urethral genital herpes). The virus is contagious and is transmitted by kissing or sexual activity. In rare instances it can lead to brain inflammation (encephalitis).

How long does the disease last and how can it be treated?

The blisters last 10-14 days and disappear by themselves. Due to the pain, patients try various methods to speed up the healing process. Various antiviral and disinfecting creams as well as the oral virustatic drugs  are largely ineffective. There are also many home remedies which are largely unsuccessful in treating the virus.

Artemisia against Herpes

The artemesia annua contains 245 documented active substances, including virus-inhibiting artemisin. Dried artemesia leaves in powder form and artemesia cream have had dramatic results against the herpes simplex infection.  I highly recommend trying it next time you have cold sores. It must be applied immediately at the first signs of an outbreak, not after a few days, so it is best to be kept within easy reach in the medicine cabinet.

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Natural treatment of hay fever

Natural treatment of hay fever


20% of the population suffer from allergies with hay fever being the most common. All sufferers complain about the very unpleasant symptoms which take the enjoyment out of spring and summer.


What are allergies (hay fever)?

An allergy is an excessive reaction by the immune system to an otherwise harmless substance such as pollen, house dust, pet hair or food. The most common symptoms are a runny or blocked nose, itching of the nose and eyes, excessive sneezing, trouble breathing or rashes. With every allergy, the body produces too much histamine which causes swelling in the skin and mucous membranes.


What does traditional medicine offer?

Allergies are usually successfully treated with antihistamines or cortisone in the form of tablets or nasal sprays. Desensitization decreases the bodies responses to allergens, but must be conducted over at least 3 years and results are not always satisfactory. The cause of the allergic reaction can be identified by means of a needle prick test or preferably with intracutan tests. 


How can hay fever be treated naturally?

Nature has a gift for all allergy sufferers who are tired of taking medication: aronia extract (I recommend Aronia Vida). The aronia berry contains high concentrations of various anti-inflammatory and anti allergenic polyphenols, including a lot of OPC. This bouquet of polyphenols blocks the histamine responsible for the swollen mucous membranes.

In severe cases, a food intolerance test is recommended as well as a blocking of the histamine in the small intestine. This would require specialist treatment.


How should Aronia be taken?

In order to be practically symptom-free throughout the pollen season, 4 aronia extract capsules should be taken throughout the day. The capsules can simply be taken as soon as the first symptoms appear until the end of the pollen season. The effectiveness of aronia extract against hay fever is quite remarkable in my experience. Now you can enjoy spring and summer!

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Treating multiple sclerosis naturally

Treating multiple sclerosis naturally

What is multiple sclerosis?

Multiple sclerosis, or MS, is a chronic, progressive inflammatory disease of the central nervous system. The protective myelin sheaths of the nerve cells are slowly dissolved in different areas.  The cause of the disease is still unknown although it is most likely an autoimmune disease which means the body forms antibodies which attack its own tissue. The disease is most common in women between the ages of 20 and 40, but men are also affected. In Switzerland alone, more than 10 000 people suffer with this dreaded diagnosis.

What are the effects of multiple sclerosis?

Depending on where the lesions are located in the brain and spinal chord, the symptoms can vary. The most frequent are sensory disturbances in the arms and legs, loss of muscle strength, visual impairment, and bladder and bowel disorder. A pronounced fatigue is a common sympton.  The disease reccurs in bouts with widely varying intervals in between. Severe damage is caused by each bout until the sufferer is wheelchair bound. Every known therapy aims to reduce the number of bouts of the disease.

Clinical treatment of multiple sclerosis

Clinical treatment includes medication, physiotherapy and psychosocial therapy. The medication is, unfortunately, anything but harmless and includes cortisone, beta interferon, immunomodulating drugs such as Copaxone or Gilenya or immunosuppressants . All of these have severe side effects and are hugely expensive One ampoule of interferon costs over 100 Swiss Francs, an ampoule of Copaxone costs 55 Swiss Francs and one Gilenya tablet costs 80 Swiss Francs. These treatments all improve and reduce the relapses, but there is no cure.

Treatment of multiple sclerosis with nutraceuticals

Treatment with nutraceuticals could be carried out at a fraction of the cost. Research has shown that changing to a raw food diet halves the number of relapses.  The damaged myelin sheaths can be at least partially rebuilt with omega 3 fatty acids and coenzyme Q10 . The extreme fatigue can be counteracted with mitochondrial energy obtained from the correct vitamins, minerals and trace elements, and polyphenols found in aronia and grape seed extract can be used to combat inflammation. The immune system should be strengthened, not suppressed! And treatment with nutraceuticals has no harmful side effects!

A chronic illness such as multiple sclerosis must always be treated by a professional. Self medication with products obtained via the internet can be harmful.

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Who profits from nutraceuticals?

Who profits from nutraceuticals?

Every one of us is dependent on a supply of vital nutrients in our food. Each individual cell is only able to maintain the metabolism and thus generate energy when all the essential nutrients are present. The energy in the cells is produced by the tiny mitochondria, which are small power plants in which hundreds of metabolic reactions take place.  If only a few of the necessary vital substances are missing e.g. a vitamin, zinc or selenium, the whole cell is weakened and therefore the entire organism.

About 70% of the population unknowingly suffer from a deficiency in nutrients. The consequences are indeterminate symptoms such as fatigue, exhaustion, increased infections, lack of vitality, slightly depressive moods, anxiety, irritability, lack of concentration, etc.  Few people go to see their doctor with such supposedly mundane ailments, but even if they do, these symptoms are usually blamed on age, stress or environment. Often the cause is a deficiency in one or more vital substances.

Should these deficiencies go untreated for years, the results can have serious health implications such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, allergies, cancer or dementia. There is therefore no better prevention from these dreaded diseases than a healthy diet containing all the necessary vitamins and nutrients or to take a targeted dietary supplement in the case of a deficiency.  Many of the vital nutrients are,however, only available in fresh, organic vegetables, fruit, berries, lettuce, wholegrain products and also partially in fish and meat. It therefore stands to reason that it is far healthier to prepare healthy meals daily and to avoid fast food. But who has the time?

Those who do take the time are rewarded with healthy bodies!

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