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Cancer Prevention

Cancer Prevention

Cancer is on the rise

The number of people being affected by cancer is on the rise and the expectation is that the number of new cases will double over the next 30 years. Every one of us knows of someone who is affected by cancer. There are many reasons why you get cancer and it is a very complex disease.

Prevention would be first prize

Experts agree that the number of cancer patients could be halved if people were to take preventative measures and change certain lifestyle choices.  Sadly, most people are not prepared to do this and hope that they can dodge the bullet. A third of them will not be so lucky.

Nutrition plays a major role

Medical practitioners often overlook the importance of nutrition since it is not something they studied intensively during their training.

Instead of admitting their ignorance, many doctors still firmly believe that nutrition and cancer are not related.  These opinions may be changed in the near future as the research into this area is having starlting results. Nutritional experts are discovering and proving the effects of dozens of cancer-resistant secondary crops.

Cancer research

The best-known books of two cancer researchers,  Prof. Dr. Richard Béliveau (Cancer Cells Do Not Like Raspberries) and Dr. Johannes Coy (The New Anti-Cancer Diet) give a clear overview of such micronutrients for laymen.


Incredible results have also been achieved with Salvestrole, which has been researched by Prof. Dan Burke and Prof. Gerry Potter in England. My own experience clearly confirms these results.  (e.g. Salvestrol Vida 350) The possibilities for the use of nutroceuticals in the treatment of cancer is high, but it is dependent on which stage of cancer the patient has.

As with conventional cancer treatments, the possibilities for treatment are decreased if the cancer is at an advanced stage. The earlier the cancer is detected and treatment is started, the more successful the results. Micronutrients also have the abilitly to enhance the efficacy chemotherapy and to lessen the side-effects. The side-effects of radiotherapy can also be almost totally avoided.

Side effects can be avoided

When it comes to diagnosing cancer, it is important where the focus lies. Regular medicine focuses entirely on bombarding the tumour with an arsenal of medical weaponry regardless of the harmful side effects.

Nutroceutical treatment focuses on the body as a whole and not just the tumour.  It aims to strengthen the body and fascilitate self-healing. Our immune system has the ability to kill cancer cells if it works properly, but unfortunately, the immune system is almost completely shut down by chemotherapy. It takes a long time for the immune system to recover, but micronutrients can also speed up this recovery time. 

Cancer treatment is a specialist field

Unfortunately many dubious therapists are dabbling in the field of cancer. Cancer is unforgiving, so patients should take care to make informed decisions about the alternative therapies they choose.  Every cancer patient will be bombarded with advice from friends and associates, all well-meant, but often not useful. I cannot advise or suggest treatment over the internet as each cancer patient needs individual care adapted to their type and stage of cancer. Specialist investigation and treatment is essential.

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Diabetes mellitus Type 1 and 2

Definition of  Diabetes Type 1

Previously diabetes was referred to as either the young or the elderly diabetes. These days it is referred to as Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. In Type 1 diabetes, the pancreas cannot form insulin and the patient must inject insulin for the rest of their lives. This form of diabetes affects only 5% of all patients, usually adolescents.  

Definition of Diabetes Type 2

95% of all diabetics suffer from type 2 diabetes, an acquired form which is usually due to the wrong nutrition.

Increase in Diabetes sufferers

The number of diabetics in Switzerland has doubled in the last 10 years from 250 000 to 500 000.  In Germany, the figure is 8 million. A diabetics treatment costs the medical aid CHF 6000.00 per year, which means a total cost of CHF 3 billion per year!

Causes of diabetes

Nobody likes to point the finger of blame, but the fact of the matter is that diabetes is avoidable through healthy eating. Sadly, its easier to swallow a handful of pills than to change our unhealthy habits.


If you do suffer from diabetes, you will need nutritional advice, a strong will and determination. By losing 10kg alone, you could already massively reduce the blood glucose level.  Losing weight is not that difficult and does not have to mean starvation with the correct advice and motivation.  Diabetes is largely linked to being overweight, having high blood pressure and high cholestrol (metabolic syndrome), but with close consultation there is a great chance of being cured.

Treatment for diabetes with natural products

The best natural remedy to lower blood sugar is dried mulberry leaves (capsules available from my practise or tea from








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Dementia and Alzheimer's, the dreaded disease of old age


We all fear dementia, the loss of our intellectual capabilites and becoming dependent in old age.  In our old age homes, a third of all residents suffer from dementia resulting in costly additional nursing care.

Alzheimer's Disease

This is the most common form of dementia and is not simply down to fate. There are several ways to prevent this disease, but because the disease develops over 20 to 30 years, the preventative measure must be started early.

Prevention of dementia

It is best to start the preventative process around the age of 30 by staying active, maintaining a healthy weight and blood pressure, brain training and social contacts.

Chemical treatment of dementia and Alzheimer's Disease

There are medications for Alzheimer's Disease, but these only postpone the symptoms in the early stages by 2 - 3 years. There is no cure once the disease is in the advanced stages.

Alternative treatments

Diet is the most effective way to prevent the disease.  It must be low in sugar and rich in omega 3 and antioxidants.  Kurkuma (turmeric) has the best results and essentially improves the nervous functions.  Even slight improvements were noted in the severest cases of dementia in patients who had taken kurkuma daily.  As a preventative measure I recommend 3 Kurkuma Vida capsules daily, and 2 capsules 3 times per day for patients who already have dementia as well as Q10, linseed or fish oil capsules and aronia extract.

Dementia preventative alternative products

Kurkuma (e.g. Kurkuma Vida 3x1 capsules)

Omega-3 fatty acids (Linseed oil or fish oil capsules)

Vitamin-B complex with folic acid

OPC (e.g. Aronia Vida 3x1 capsules)

coffee 3-5 cups

Additionally also Phosphatidylserine

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Moringa - the natural multivitamin

Moringa – the natural multivitamin

Vitamins are popular and the sale of vitamins is on the rise. In the USA it is not uncommon to have tubs containing 1000 vitamins at a time in the kitchen cabinet and to swallow them like sweets. Unfortunately, they are of little use to your body if you don't have a healthy diet with enough fibre to increase your intestines ability to absorb the vitamins.

Pharmaceuticals vs nutroceuticals

The pharmaceutical industry is using dubious studies to prove how 'harmful' vitamins can be. In these studies, subjects are given just one vitamin at very high doses which makes no sense even from a nutroceutical point of view.

Lack of vitamins and nutrients

Despite our supermarkets being full of food, more than half the population suffer from a lack of vitamins and micronutrients. This stems from our unhealthy eating habits and nutrient-lacking food available due to modern farming methods (chemical fertilizers and pesticides).

Artificial vitamins and supplements

Health supplements make sense, but they must be natural. Almost all the vitamin supplements available on the market contain predominantly synthetic or chemically manufactured vitamins which have been proven to be less effective than natural ones. Natural molecules carry crucial bioenergetic information which the synthetic vitamins lack.

A natural vitamin boost and food supplement in a capsule

The most nutritious plant in the world is the moringa tree (Moringa oleifera), of which almost every part can be consumed. The leaves contain vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B7, C, D, E and K, as well as the important minerals calcium, potassium, iron, copper, manganese, magnesium and zinc. An added bonus are the numerous antioxidants and polyphenols.

The next time you think of buying vitamins, consider moringa, or more specifically Moringa Vida. I highly recommend it to my patients, because it is organic, of the highest quality and has been harvested by hand.



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Crohn's disease, chronic bowel disease

The definition of Crohn's Disease

This insiduous disease is a chronic inflammation which can occur anywhere between the oral cavity and the rectum but occurs most commonly around the small intestinve. The exact cause is unclear, but the disease is generally classified as autoimmune, which means that the body forms antibodies against its own tissue.

The symptoms of Crohn's Disease

The symptoms of Crohn's Disease are stomach pains and diarrhea, which can consist of bloody mucus, loss of apetite, fatigue, anaemia and joint pain. Because an inflammed intestine cannot absorb any iron, the long term result is chronic anaemia. With chronic intestinal inflammation, few nutrients can be properly absorbed and this leads to a vitamin deficiency and lethargy. 

Method of diagnosis

Crohn's Disease is usually diagnosed by means of a colonoscopy.  The cause of chronic diarrhea should always be thoroughly investigated.


In my experience, Crohn's Disease is almost always linked to allergy-type food intolerances although this is not always recognised by many doctors and allergy specialists.

Recommended foods and natural products

There is usually an immediate improvement if the patient avoids the foods that are causing the intolerance. The inflammation in the intestine can be treated with clinoptilolite, Kurkuma Vida (turmeric) capsules and aronia extract. In cases of acute Crohn's Disease, foods that cause bloating should be avoided, but as soon as the inflammation clears, high fibre foods are extremely important.

Treatment of Crohn's Disease

The traditional treatment for Crohn's Disease consists primarily of the administration of cortisone and immunosuppressants. If there is still no improvement, the most inflammed sections of the intestine are usually surgically removed.  This does not cure the disease, but merely causes it to move to another section of the intestine.  Whenever possible, I advise against surgery.


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Bladder (cystitis), urinary tract infections

Cystitis, urinary tract infections

Bladder infections are extremely common, especially amongst women.  10-15% of all women suffer with bladder infection each year. The reason for this is that women have a shorter urethra which allows bacteria to travel from the intestine more easily. In men, cystitis is less common except in older men with enlarged prostates who are no longer able to completely empty their bladders.

What are the symptoms of a bladder infection?

The main symptoms are a burning sensation when passing water, a constant urge to pass water and dark coloured urine. A bladder infection in itself is relatively harmless, but if left untreated the inflammation can travel along the urethra to the renal pelvis. The diagnosis is clear from the symptoms. If the urine is examined under a microscope, there will be an increase in white blood corpuscles (leukocytes) and bacteria. 

The treatment for urinary tract infection

The standard recommended treatment is to drink plenty of fluids and to take a course of antibiotics. However, before reaching for the antibiotics, its worth trying a natural alternative.  Renal and bladder teas are too weak to treat an infection. Doctors have been aware for quite some time that cranberry juice is far more effective and better still is Aronia-Extract, (e.g. Aronia Vida) because the concentration of the active ingredient is higher.  The leaves of the artemisia annua plant are as effective as an antibiotic, but without the negative side effects, which is a major plus for my patients.  Unfortunately, artemesia leaves are only available through specialist practitioners.

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Prevention and protection against flu - Vaccinating yes or no

Prevention and protection against flu  -  to vaccinate or not

Every autumn, many people ask themselves the question: should I have the flu vaccination or not?  We are officially offered an almost 100% protection against flu and a 50% reduction in the flu-related death rate.  Instintively though, many people realise that something isn't quite right.  And, indeed, a study in 2006 of 260 000 children under the age of 2 years old, showed that the vaccination didn't have a much better rate of success than a  placebo.

Link Impfstudie Kinder 2006

The results with vaccinations and the elderly were hardly more successful as shown by a study from 2010.

Link Impfstudie ältere Menschen 2010. 

The benefits of a flu vaccination are therefore far less than we are led to believe. Worse still, many of those who do choose to be vaccinated complain of feeling unwell for weeks afterwards. Those who have been vaccinated are also more at risk of contracting bird flu and swine flu.

Link Impfstudie Schweinegrippe

Children also become more susceptible to infections from subtype viruses as their immune systems are weakened by the vaccine.

Link Impfstudie Infektionen Subtypen-Viren.

Did you know that with each vaccination you are injected with mercury or aluminium because there are no other carrier substances available?

What other protection is there against flu?

So if the flu vaccination is questionable, what other means do we have of protecting ourselves against flu since none of us wants to be ill.  A real flu is caused by the influenza virus A or B. Usually, we are suffering from cold, which, although unpleasant, is far more harmless than actual flu. This is caused by a droplet infection which is caused mainly by couging and sneezing.  The incubation period, or the time between infection and onset of the illness, is between one and five days.

In order to remain healthy during winter, I recommend the following measures which are mainly aimed at building up a healthy immune system:

-        fresh air and exercise even in cold weather

-        a healthy diet with lots of fresh vegetables, fruit and salad

-        extra natural vitamin C (from oranges, mandarins, kiwi fruit and grapefruit)

-        additional vitamin D3 capsules from a pharmacy,  1500 units per day for adults and 500 to 1000 units per day for children from November until the end of March

-       sufficient omega 3 fatty acids, obtained either through the consumption of fish twice a week or 1 tablespoon of linseed oil  (the best linseed oil is available through

-       2-3 Aronia Vida capsules per day contain plenty anti-inflammatory polyphenols  (

-       2-3 Moringa Vida capsules per day as an additional natural vitamin (

With these measures, I have managed to remain flu-free for the last 20 years. I wish you much health and happiness even in the cold and snow!

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Treatment of Acid Reflux

Reflux - regurgitation of stomach acid into the oesophagus

The word reflux means the flowing back of a liquid. In medical terms this means the flowing back of the stomach acid into the oesophagus (gastroesophageal reflux). Another form of reflux is from the bladder back into the urethra.

The cause of reflux is a weakening of the muscle which seperates the stomach and the oesophagus. Highly acidic gastric contents then flow back into the lower third of the oesophagus where a chronic and painful inflammation occurs over a period of time.

What are the signs of reflux?

The typical symptoms are burning pain behind the sternum, often at night, and acid regurgitation.  A gastroscopy needs to be carried out to confirm the diagnosis. Other warning signs are pain when swallowing and weightloss.

The clinical treatment

The clinical treatment is based solely on prescription medication known as proton pump inhibitors which significantly reduce gastric acidity. The most commonly prescribed medication is Pantoprazol which is very effective, but must be taken over a long period of time. Side effects are indicated in the package insert of the corresponding medication. It is also recommended to avoid smoking, alcohol, coffee and spicy foods.

The natural treatment of acid reflux with Cayenne

The natural remedy is in direct contrast to the medical remedy which suggests avoiding spices.  Cayenne pepper significantly enhances the protective mucous layer in the stomach thereby protecting it from the acid.  Since it is not easy to eat cayenne pepper, it is available in capsules (Caya Vida) which dissolve in the stomach. Starting with one capsule taken with the main meal, the dose should be gradually increased if there is no discomfort. In my experience, cayenne pepper capsules are far more effective than Pantoprazol  and have the added benefit of burning fat since they increase the metabolism.

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Ulcers - painful blisters in the mouth

Ulcers - painful blisters in the mouth and throat

Ulcers are not the same as fever blisters. Their cause is unknown, but they are also a herpes simplex virus. They are extremely painful and affect the mucous membranes in the mouth and the tongue. In addition to small indentations, there are also yellowish deposits.

What causes mouth ulcers?

There appears to be a link between mouth ulcers and a deficiency in vitamin B12, iron and folic acid. In certain cases, ulcers also occur as a result of an allergy to citrus fruit, nuts, etc. In these cases, the ulcers appear in the pharynx, or throat, within 24 hours.

How can mouth ulcers be treated?

As with fever blisters, mouth ulcers usually disappear by themselves after 7-10 days, although sufferers wish it was quicker! There are various medications and applications which relieve the symptoms slightly and ease the pain, but don't speed up the healing process.

Speeding up the healing process

Treating the mouth ulcers with a combination of Artemisia Creme and artemesia powder (artemesia annua is available in capsule form) is definitely worth a try. This treatment is especially effective if the ulcers are not due to an allergy.

Where do I buy Artemisia annua and how do I apply it?

I will gladly provide more detailed information on the natural treatment of mouth ulcers with artemesia free of charge by mail.

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Herpes simplex Infection (Cold sores)

We are all familiar with the small but painful blisters in the mouth or on the lips. Approximately 90% of the population carry the herpes simplex virus so the blisters can appear regularly.  10-30% of carriers of the infection suffer from recurring outbreaks.

How is it contracted?

It is usually contracted in childhood and persists for many years. As a rule, Type 1 (herpes labialis) causes infections of the oral mucosa, tongue and lips, wheres Type 2 affects the genital organs (urethral genital herpes). The virus is contagious and is transmitted by kissing or sexual activity. In rare instances it can lead to brain inflammation (encephalitis).

How long does the disease last and how can it be treated?

The blisters last 10-14 days and disappear by themselves. Due to the pain, patients try various methods to speed up the healing process. Various antiviral and disinfecting creams as well as the oral virustatic drugs  are largely ineffective. There are also many home remedies which are largely unsuccessful in treating the virus.

Artemisia against Herpes

The artemesia annua contains 245 documented active substances, including virus-inhibiting artemisin. Dried artemesia leaves in powder form and artemesia cream have had dramatic results against the herpes simplex infection.  I highly recommend trying it next time you have cold sores. It must be applied immediately at the first signs of an outbreak, not after a few days, so it is best to be kept within easy reach in the medicine cabinet.

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