Who profits from nutraceuticals?

Every one of us is dependent on a supply of vital nutrients in our food. Each individual cell is only able to maintain the metabolism and thus generate energy when all the essential nutrients are present. The energy in the cells is produced by the tiny mitochondria, which are small power plants in which hundreds of metabolic reactions take place.  If only a few of the necessary vital substances are missing e.g. a vitamin, zinc or selenium, the whole cell is weakened and therefore the entire organism.

About 70% of the population unknowingly suffer from a deficiency in nutrients. The consequences are indeterminate symptoms such as fatigue, exhaustion, increased infections, lack of vitality, slightly depressive moods, anxiety, irritability, lack of concentration, etc.  Few people go to see their doctor with such supposedly mundane ailments, but even if they do, these symptoms are usually blamed on age, stress or environment. Often the cause is a deficiency in one or more vital substances.

Should these deficiencies go untreated for years, the results can have serious health implications such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, allergies, cancer or dementia. There is therefore no better prevention from these dreaded diseases than a healthy diet containing all the necessary vitamins and nutrients or to take a targeted dietary supplement in the case of a deficiency.  Many of the vital nutrients are,however, only available in fresh, organic vegetables, fruit, berries, lettuce, wholegrain products and also partially in fish and meat. It therefore stands to reason that it is far healthier to prepare healthy meals daily and to avoid fast food. But who has the time?

Those who do take the time are rewarded with healthy bodies!

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