In a previous blog, I described how to reduce your body weight in a sustained way: you must halve the portion size of the side dishes (pasta, potatoes, bread and rice), double the vegetable portions and forgo sweets and sugary drinks. The calorie intake is usually reduced by approx. 10%. The carbohydrates should only be eaten in the morning and at noon. Consuming carbohydrates in the evening increase the insulin levels throughout the whole night and thus blocks the natural fat loss when your insulin levels are lower. Exercise and sport are important, but ultimately contribute little to weight reduction.

Green coffee and brown algae

You can support fat loss with food supplements such as extracts of green coffee. Green, non-roasted coffee is rich in chlorogenic acid, a substance which, in a threefold sense, acts on the blood glucose level. As a result, less fat is formed and the desired weight can be reached and held.

Brown algae powder can also support weight loss. These algae are rich in long-chain polyphenols, which reduce the activity of two important digestive enzymes (lipase and amylase) by about 50%. As lipases are necessary for the digestion of fats and amylases splits carbohydrate chains, brown algae powder reduces the digestion of fats and carbohydrates. In studies, volunteers lost on average 2.8 kg over an 8-week time frame. 

If you eat less carbohydrates and at the same time take products that contain both an extract of green coffee beans and brown algae powder, you have good chance to permanently reduce your body weight.