Natural treatment of hay fever


20% of the population suffer from allergies with hay fever being the most common. All sufferers complain about the very unpleasant symptoms which take the enjoyment out of spring and summer.


What are allergies (hay fever)?

An allergy is an excessive reaction by the immune system to an otherwise harmless substance such as pollen, house dust, pet hair or food. The most common symptoms are a runny or blocked nose, itching of the nose and eyes, excessive sneezing, trouble breathing or rashes. With every allergy, the body produces too much histamine which causes swelling in the skin and mucous membranes.


What does traditional medicine offer?

Allergies are usually successfully treated with antihistamines or cortisone in the form of tablets or nasal sprays. Desensitization decreases the bodies responses to allergens, but must be conducted over at least 3 years and results are not always satisfactory. The cause of the allergic reaction can be identified by means of a needle prick test or preferably with intracutan tests. 


How can hay fever be treated naturally?

Nature has a gift for all allergy sufferers who are tired of taking medication: aronia extract (I recommend Aronia Vida). The aronia berry contains high concentrations of various anti-inflammatory and anti allergenic polyphenols, including a lot of OPC. This bouquet of polyphenols blocks the histamine responsible for the swollen mucous membranes.

In severe cases, a food intolerance test is recommended as well as a blocking of the histamine in the small intestine. This would require specialist treatment.


How should Aronia be taken?

In order to be practically symptom-free throughout the pollen season, 4 aronia extract capsules should be taken throughout the day. The capsules can simply be taken as soon as the first symptoms appear until the end of the pollen season. The effectiveness of aronia extract against hay fever is quite remarkable in my experience. Now you can enjoy spring and summer!

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