Ulcers - painful blisters in the mouth

Ulcers - painful blisters in the mouth and throat

Ulcers are not the same as fever blisters. Their cause is unknown, but they are also a herpes simplex virus. They are extremely painful and affect the mucous membranes in the mouth and the tongue. In addition to small indentations, there are also yellowish deposits.

What causes mouth ulcers?

There appears to be a link between mouth ulcers and a deficiency in vitamin B12, iron and folic acid. In certain cases, ulcers also occur as a result of an allergy to citrus fruit, nuts, etc. In these cases, the ulcers appear in the pharynx, or throat, within 24 hours.

How can mouth ulcers be treated?

As with fever blisters, mouth ulcers usually disappear by themselves after 7-10 days, although sufferers wish it was quicker! There are various medications and applications which relieve the symptoms slightly and ease the pain, but don't speed up the healing process.

Speeding up the healing process

Treating the mouth ulcers with a combination of Artemisia Creme and artemesia powder (artemesia annua is available in capsule form) is definitely worth a try. This treatment is especially effective if the ulcers are not due to an allergy.

Where do I buy Artemisia annua and how do I apply it?

I will gladly provide more detailed information on the natural treatment of mouth ulcers with artemesia free of charge by mail.

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